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Meet Bethany crum

I am a local to Northeast Ohio. A daughter, a friend, a wife; mother of two darling littles... an extreme perfectionist and my own worst critic. But I have stumbled upon the profound belief that there is beauty in imperfection, even in my own, and that belief has lead me into a lovely adventure.

The purpose of my work is to express the whimsy of nature as I see it, through photographic hand-painted illustration and etchings. Using organic inks, fine art oils, brushes and nibs on backdrops ranging from canvas to vintage salvaged glass windows, I apply layer upon layer in order to achieve my vision for each piece. 

I am drawn to the pristine lines and the innate beauty of nature. Therefore, I do not try to improve or idealize it, only to replicate its raw beauty. My work has been to document and celebrate nature in all of its relentlessly creative essence. 

I believe that every home and every room should be graced with some form of original artwork because creativity inspires creativity in every form and has the ability to transform any space from a place into a home. My passion is to transform spaces through original artwork and to do so in a way that is affordable not just for the affluent, but also for the layman, sustainable and compassionate to the ground that we live on.

Welcome to my world! Please, stay. I hope we'll be friends.